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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

.:Dotty for Stripes Dress:.

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Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

I’m super excited to be participating in the 30 Days of Sundresses Series at Melly Sews again this year.


This is my third year participating in this fantastic series! There is always so much inspiration to be found. My first year I did these Asymmetrical Hem Sundresses.

Asymmetrical Hem Sundress - SumosSweetStuff.com

And last year I shared my Coral Days Sundress.

Coral Days Sundress - SumosSweetStuff.com

The inspiration for this year’s Dotty for Stripes dress came from this picture that I came across on Pinterest.

I can’t find the original link, but I think it came from this site. (If you know differently, please let me know!)

I loved the color with the stripes, and knew that it had to happen.

Here’s what you need to get started:

- fabric (I ordered this stripe from Hawthorne Threads)
- bias tape
- buttons
- pattern (optional, but I used the Rio Racerback pattern from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop; you can easily trace a tank of your own!)
- sewing machine/accessories

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

I was really torn on whether to use a solid color for the bottom border, but in the end, I couldn’t pass up a good pattern mix!

If you are using a tank top that you already own, you’ll need to start off by tracing the neckline and armsyce of the shirt on to paper. You’ll also want to flare it out into a dress after the armsyce. I would recommend folding your shirt in half, and tracing this on the fold – which would then lead to cutting your pattern pieces on the fold.

Or, you can print out a pattern (like the Rio Racerback) and use that to cut your pieces. The pattern that I used has a separate front and back piece. I didn’t really want the racerback for this dress, so I used two front pieces. Before I cut my fabric, I cut the pattern piece so that the body of the dress would be shorter than normally called for. This allows me room to make my bottom band out of a separate fabric. Using the pattern pieces made it easy for me – I used a 3T pattern piece but cut the dress off where the 3 mo. mark was. Decide how big you want your bottom band to be and make your pattern piece shorter accordingly.

Cut out two main dress pieces and two band pieces.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Take the band material, and make a button placket with it. I had no idea how to make a button placket, but luckily for me, the blogging world is full of great tutorials on this! I used this tutorial from the Crafty Cupboard for mine. It was super easy to follow and I love how it turned out.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Once you have made the placket, create as many button holes as needed and desired on the front side of the placket. Be sure not to put it too close to the top; we’ll be adding bias tape there later, and you don’t want it covering any of your button hole.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Now it’s time to add the bottom band pieces. Go ahead and hem up the band pieces first.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Line up the raw edges of the dress pieces and band pieces, with right sides facing and sew them together. Flip the band down, iron the hem towards the dress and top stitch.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Once you have the back and front pieces ready, face them right sides together and sew at the shoulders. (Not shown).

Take out the bias tape (if you wanted to, you could even make your own!) Fold in the end, and pin it to the placket (don’t pin the placket together!), sandwiching the raw edge of the neckline into the bias tape. Do this all the way around the neckline, again folding in the edge at the edge of the other part of the placket.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Sew the bias tape to the neckline. Repeat the process for the arm holes, except you don’t need to fold in the edges of the bias tape since they will be sewn into the side hems of the dress.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Doesn’t it look lovely? I love the extra pop of color!

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Face the front and back of the dress towards each other with right sides facing in, and hem up the side of each dress. Finish the edges.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Hand sew on the buttons, and you’ve got yourself an adorable new dress!

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

I truly could not be happier with how this dress turned out. It makes me really happy.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

It even got the stamp of approval from Daddy. He’s got good taste.

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

And a really adorable daughter. (Three actually!)

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Thanks for letting me be a part of your series again, Melissa!

Dotty for Stripes Dress - SumosSweetStuff.com

Be sure to head on over to Melly Sews for a giveaway and a summary of the dresses shared so far!


  1. It's "sew" cute Summer - thanks for sewing along again!

  2. Aww...what a cutie...and the dress is too :)

    Thanks for sharing!

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