You’ve reached the homepage of me, Kathleen Dixon, a work from home/stay at home mom of two girls and a boy. My day job is that of a freelancer. I’m a web developer for hire, and like I said, I work from home. Sumos Sweet Stuff website will be my platform for sharing with the world the adventure that being a mom is. Not a lot of people have the kind of work/family life setup that I have going on, so I thought that I’d give my unique perspective on the whole tech-mom paradigm that I’ve found myself in. Like many other people in my profession I’m super geeky about tech gadgets, cameras, audio setups, you name it. Truth be told, being a mom has taken away a lot of the free time that I once had and was able to devote to my hobbies. Many of my friends are afraid of and are constantly postponing becoming a mom because of the free time loss. I’m negating the fact that free time will be scarce resource once babies come, but there is a little know benefit to having kids.

Benefit that I’m talking about would be the possibility to play once again with toys, but now in the role of a mom, with your kids. Ah, I bet you didn’t think of the whole being a mom and losing free time situation from that angle. At first, when kids are just babies, infants, you’ll find that playing with them will be a bit one-sided. Still it’s possible. Later on however, when they get older, you can start buying kids tech gizmos that you like and pretend you bought them as presents for them. It’s a bit a win-win situation, don’t you think? Technically speaking, it wouldn’t be a win-win situation if your kids hate what you keep buying them. Luckily my kids take after their mom. For the last few days we’ve been playing with a very cool remote controlled drone under $500 that has the follow function. I wanted to testing it out, so the kids got a present, 🙂 . They were loving it, wanted to know how it works, they learned, and I had fun. Like I said, a win-win situation. Don’t worry, I also buy them toys that they want, it’s not all about me and what I love.

How I started

So yeah, where do I start. Well let’s first with a little bit about me, more specifically, about this website name. Sumo was a nickname of mine growing up, because I was a hefty kid. Over the years I’ve thankfully grown out of my weight, but the nickname stayed and I kinda made my piece with it at this point. Hence the title of my website, where I will be sharing with the world my sweet stuff, meaning my insights as a tech momma.

My entire life started as I know it now started forming in college. That’s where I met my husband. We were both studying computer science, and we both work in our field. The only difference is that I work from home, while my husband has a “real” job, with office and everything. Once we decided to have a family I opted to stay at home, and continue my career as a mom/freelancer, at least once the kids have gotten older and started going to school. That cleared up free time for me to work when they aren’t around and even when they are around, they can keep to themselves until I do what I need to do.

Despite working from home, I still manage to play with my kids. Like I already mentioned, we recently purchased a high quality drone with follow feature, and had a lot of fun playing in the park. Geek in me really enjoyed that, it’s been a long time since we had fun like that. Other times we have fun by playing table top games, Nintendo, or something else along these lines. It’s a mixed bag with us.

What will I write about

There are essentially three topics that I am going to be writing about, three fields of interests that currently occupy my time, 🙂 . They are parenting, healthy living and tech. Note that talking about the last two, healthy living and tech, will mostly be in relation to the first. It’s an occupational hazard I guess. Shifting all your other hobbies and mixing them up all with parenting. You spend all of your time with kids, especially when they are very young. As you go along, you learn to combine any hobbies that you previously had, with your role as a parent. At least if the hobby allows you to do that.


I wouldn’t exactly call parenting a hobby, but at the same time, but it definitely is an interest that you gotta want and prepare for both mentally and physically. Many young people these days, lots of friends of my husbands and me, do not have interest in children, and they don’t plan on having any. There’s nothing wrong with that, if you don’t want to have kids, you should be pressured into having them. That would be my first piece of advice I guess.

Still, I would recommend those that don’t want kids to reconsider their position. I couldn’t imagine not playing with my kids. Parenthood does involve a lot of giving up, but at the same time you also receive a lot. Like what I already mentioned me playing with my kids and drones. These are the type of moments that make my day, no matter how bad of a day I’m having.

I’ve now had almost 10 years of parenting experience and I’ll try to help other parents out there who are in a similar situation that me and my husband are. I suggest that you stick around if you are a couple that plans on having kids or if you’re a couple that already has kids. We’re going to be giving advice to both would be parents and to those that have already started their parenting adventures.

Everything else

By everything else, I’m referring to all the other hobbies and interests that me, and to some extent my husband as well, have. I already mentioned healthy living, tech, there’s various DIY projects that I’m planning on doing, and more. My hobbies and side projects are something that give me a little break from being a mommy and they let my creative side come out. It is incredibly important to have such an outlet when you’re expected to perform non-stop in a particular role. Regardless if it’s work or being a mom, or in my case, both.

Currently I’m working on an interesting project involving creating a 60 watts solar panels with broken solar cells. Reason why one would do something like that is because broken solar cells can be bought for very cheap. Much cheaper than solar cells that are in good condition. At the same time, they loose hardly any efficiency, so it makes sense to purchase them and create a DIY solar panel on the cheap. This is just a small sampling of the kind of crazy ideas that are going through my head.

Healthy living is very important for me and my family. We eat right, exercise and try to get a good nights sleep almost every day. It’s very interesting how easy it is to develop a knack for eating right and exercising, once that you enough motivation to do so. Kids are sure enough a good reason why one might do that. They will get you off of your butt and force you to get in shape. Not just so that you can stay healthy yourself, to be there for them for a long time. Also so that you are an example to them, to show them how to eat and exercise right. Lead by example type of thing. In either case, stay tuned should you want to hear tips on how to keep yourself and your kids healthy. I’m a certified health nut, 🙂 .

That's it for now

In the distance I seem to be hearing some heavy bickering going on, between my kids, so I have to go and checkout what is going on. Hopefully you’ll stay around to read some of my wisdom that I’ll be sharing in the future.