Get kids to learn numbers by playing on smartphone or tablet

Giving kids a smartphone or a tablet in order to get them to calm down and leave moms/dads in peace to do home chores is the go to method for many parents out there. It’s not something to be proud of, at least I don’t think it should be. I’ve done it on a couple of occasions, a few years back. Loaded up Candy Crush and watched my kids slowly getting hooked on the game. I quickly realized that I don’t want my kids basically becoming a zombie, so I made a deal with myself. They can have their gadgets, but they have to use only apps that will help them learn, grow and become more curious, instead of just making kid complacent and addicted to crushing candy or whatnot.

Get kids to learn numbers by playing on smartphone or tablet

One of the apps that I frequently use is called Kids Learning Numbers Lite. It’s a free app that uses counting, tracing and pattern matching in order to help kids learn numbers. It’s a nifty little educational Android app for kids that will allow you kids to get at least some kind of grasp on numbers even before they step foot in their first classroom.

App itself looks very fun, with lots of goofy characters and lovely colors to keep the kids interested in it. There is a nifty little demonstration video of the game, where all the main game modes are available.


Just note that the free version doesn’t have all of the game modes available. Still, the free version is perfect for kids ages 4-5 and more. Buy them a cheap Wall-Mart tablet, install the app and let them have fun. Other categories featured in the app can be unlocked by switching to the paid version of the app. But you can do this later on, once the kids grow out of the beginner categories that are available in the free version. Give the app a try and let me know what you think.