Who am I?

I’ve already spilled the beans and talked a bit about who I am on the homepage, but I guess I could go into a bit more details here. I’m Kathleen, and together with my husband and my three kids, we make the Dixon family. I’ve been a mom for the past 10 years almost. I work part-time, as a web developer, from home. It’s a part-time type of thing. Mostly small, calling card type of websites, nothing special. My limited time doesn’t allow me to take on bigger, more complicated projects. Although now that the kids are getting bigger, starting school almost, I’m thinking about getting into doing more complicated projects.

So for the moment, my husband works, and I also work, part time, from home, while making sure that my three little rascals don’t do too much damage either to themselves or to our home. They seem to be very keen on doing one of those two, sometimes, but for the most part they are good kids.

My nickname as I was growing up was Sumo, and that nickname kinda stuck with me growing up, so I still use it. When setting up this website, my nickname is where I drew inspiration for the website name. Website that you’re on I plan on using as a personal blog of mine, for my experiences as a mom. I’m a huge tech junkie, so I Incorporated a lot of tech into my everyday life as a mom. From keeping kids healthy, keeping them interested in learning through various e-learning apps and games, and teaching them valuable life skills with our family DIY projects.

Here I’ll document our life adventures, as blog of sorts, a journal, a catalogue of Dixon family activity. It’ll be a mixed bag of topics, between tech, parenting, DIY, my own rants, etc. Hopefully you’ll stick around and learn something useful. Cheers.